He who hears the shema drinks the shekar!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Random Tidbits...

*I concur with Simon Gathercole when he states that Stephen Westerholm is head and shoulders above almost everyone else when it comes to understanding the Apostle Paul. His 'Israel's Law and the Church's Faith' needs to be added to any and all classes dealing with Pauline Theology.

*If I were a Cal student, I think I would seriously consider starting a student club, 'Cut the Oaks'! Let's see how serious they really are about this whole free speech thing.

*Warning: N.T. Wright post coming up in the future....and it might not be exactly what you expect. Or maybe it will....stay tuned.

*I finally understand why new couches can be expensive. After a plethora of hand-me-down couches stretching back to 1999, we finally have a new couch and matching recliner....and they are actually comfortable to sit on!