He who hears the shema drinks the shekar!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Postmodern Sandwich

I like Doug Severn's (RUF Oklahoma Univ) haiku summary of Kevin Hart's, Postmodernism: A Beginners's Guide:

Lack of meta-narrative
Jimmy John’s Sandwich


It is funny to think about how people love to drop the word 'postmodern' into the course of a conversation.

So very trendy. So very high-brow. So very sophisticated-sounding.

But now you know....

Whenever anyone drops 'postmodern' into a conversation, remember they are only talking about...Jimmy John's Sandwich.

1 comment:

Johnny T said...

Hey Matt, I saw you visited my site.

Good to hear from you.

I don't get the Jimmy John's Sandwich thing. What is it?