He who hears the shema drinks the shekar!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

My New See-Food Diet

I really wonder how I made it two whole years living in Canada without In N Out. I'm sure Vicky must have found it strange that I would always ask if we could stop at In N Out upon arriving or leaving the airport during my '05 and '06 visits.

In fact, I actually remember the first time I flew to the Bay to see her. We had been talking on the phone and e-mailing a lot, but we hadn't seen hardly any of each other. So I was still bit unsure about what to expect. I actually remember thinking to myself, "What's the worst thing that could happen? She could dump me...but I could still get a 'Double Double' before I fly back to Vancouver!"

I'm starting to get nervous that I might not ever be able to leave the West Coast....without going into major 'Double Double' or 'Strawberry shake' withdrawal. These things are so delicious....

I'm now thoroughly convinced that 95% of the people you see eating at McD's and BK in California...must not be from California! Because once you discover a burger, fries, and shake at In N Out, there's no going back. Post tenebras lux.

I'm seriously thinking I should start a business on the side....delivering In N Out burgers from Oakland (the closest In N Out) to the UCB campus.

Yes, that is actually something you can order! A 100-patty burger! (Ego te provoco, Cliff!)

Can't you just feel those arteries starting to clog?


Cliff said...

Only weaklings clog their arteries.

Todd said...

oh, how I loved In & Out the few times I had the chance.

What's the likelihood they'll open up shop in Decorah? :)