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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

No More Xanga!

I've decided to gradually migrate things over from my Xanga site to the new and improved Blogger site, now that the later is no longer in beta!

Why you ask?
~ Blogger gives you less proprietary hindrances and more open-source freedoms for expansion.
~ Integration with Google. Picasa and Hello integration gives you lots of flexibility with pictures. Xanga is sorely lagging behind on this front.
~ It's just a better looking product for the same 'free' cost.

More to come....

1 comment:

lu-o said...

Hi Matt. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogger. (Congratulations for breaking free of the xanga cult. :) I am trying to think of a creative name for you. If no better inspiration comes, it just might have to be elephant talk- related. Haha. :)